ARMS TRADE TREATY. Only a couple of days left.

A strong treaty is still within our grasp but there is a real risk it could slip through our fingers at the last minute. Now is the time for action. All states that have called for a strong Arms Trade Treaty for years in the past, must now deliver on their promises. UK and France are demanding a strong Treaty, while the US, Russia and China are keen to keep the Treaty weak and ineffective. This is not the time to think of financial gains. So far, one of the stumbling blocks has been the possible exclusion of ammunition from the treaty. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, said:

"We witness the human cost of unlawful armed violence everyday. This treaty offers the best opportunity in a generation to end the human cost of the irresponsible arms trade. For this to be true, ammunition must be included in any agreement. Guns without bullets are useless."

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